Your new bra size, and what EXACTLY it means...

Written by: Simone James

Everyday we meet women that are new to the bra-fitting experience. They are unsure of their size, unsure of the style of bra that they’re looking for, and overall what would be the most comfortable for them. I will admit, it can get overwhelming for both us bra fitters and the ladies we work with, trying to explain and break down a completely new size they've been fit in. We always try to best explain how that size benefits them in many ways, even though it can often times be VERY far off from what they're used to wearing. 

The new size that we fit them into looks great, perfect actually! However, we frequently get asked, “why do I look good in the new size, but my old bra still fits fine too?". For example, a women may come in wearing a size 42DDD, but in actuality it turns out she fits a lot better in a 38H. That previous size may cover the important parts, but it turns out to be less supportive, secure, and less lifting than the new size and style we fit them into. 

Any cup size after a DDD can alarm some women. Not only because they didn’t know that there were cup sizes made after a DDD, but because it has become routine for larger corporations that conduct bra fittings (and manufacture their own bras) to fit into what products are readily available. This is more often than not them sticking to those smaller cup sizes. Due to many departments stores not carrying a wide range of cup sizes past those 40-42DDDs, they tend to fit their customers into a bra that’ll essentially just kind of fit; anything that will look the best on you. 

The cup may look alright, but a majority of the time the band is too large forcing women to wear it around on the tightest hook. Even then we still see too much room and stretch around. The key for support is a snug band; that’s what we strive for.

When we adjust the band size down to secure support, we are then able to inversely go up in the cup size to accommodate. Our job is to educate women in learning more about their new cup size, so they have a better understanding of the importance of a good-fitting bra. Ultimately, how the right cup and band size better supports and brings them superior comfort. 

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