Tips to make sure your bra fits!

Written by: Simone James

Good news! You finally found your bra that works great for you. Perfect size as well as perfect style and color that goes well with your blouse. It’s easy trying on and getting checked by our bra fitters before you walk out the door. The only thing is, it’s easy to forget the tips we share on how to properly wear your bra, so you may feel the size is off. No worries! We’re here to help and provide further assistance. Here are some things to keep in mind when putting on your bra: 

  • Whether hooking your bra on in the front or back (whichever method you’re most comfortable with), we recommend that it’s clasped on the outer-most row of hooks. It should fit snug not tight on the last hook, so that in time of natural wear and stretch, you can gradually tighten your bra to the inner hooks. Longer lifespan for your bra!
  • After you put your bra on, for a more appropriate fit you may need to adjust your breast tissue properly into the cups. This is done by reaching your opposite hand into the cup towards the underneath of your armpit, and bringing your tissue forward. This is what us bra fitters call the “swoop and scoop” method. Repeat on both sides. 
  • Sometimes we find our straps sliding off our shoulders throughout the day, or “digging in.” To avoid this, simply make sure they’re snug but not tight. Your bra straps should NOT be the part of the bra that is doing all of the work to support. 90% of the support comes from a proper-fitting bra band, and compatible cups. 

Let's recap:
- Bra band is snug (not tight) on the outer-most hook to start.
- "Swoop and scoop" your breast tissue forward into your cups.
- Straps appropriately adjusted. Should not dig in, or be relied on for majority of support. 

Take a look at our Instagram video below to get a visual of all three of these tips!


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