It's Bridal and Prom Season! What should you be wearing underneath your formal wear?

Written by: Simone James

Wedding and prom season is near! We welcome you to bring your family & bridal party over for a proper fitting. We have the perfect package you need to look and feel amazing throughout the day. From shapewear to bustiers, for that low back and plunging gown you’re wearing on your big day, we guarantee a comfortable fit that’ll support you best.

Besides going for a traditional strapless bra, if you’re looking for something a little less revealing (depending on the style of your dress), we will be happy to offer you our backless-strapless bras, “sticky bras,” or boob tape. Products that will still keep you lifted and blend in a little better behind your garment. 

Some of your dresses may even come with cups already installed in the dress, so you could just be looking for shapewear. If you happen to be wearing something a little more form-fitting, we carry seamless pieces so you can still have great shape and firm control without seeing any lines or ripples. If that’s not the case, you’re open to a wide range of shapewear styles we carry such as high-waist thongs, briefs, or long leg shorts. 

If you feel the neckline of your blouse or dress is too low even after trying on a strapless or bustier, or you can still see a piece as you move, we suggest flash tape. This is more like double-sided tape for clothing where you can apply it on one piece of the garment and attach it to the next and that’ll keep the fabric of your blouse in place without moving or slipping.

Finally, we are called a Lingerie shop for a reason! We have all the gorgeous bridal lingerie you will need to feel your best. Delicate ivory lace, pastel blues, and satin robes are all available in-store to find your perfect piece. Shop our bridal collection here.

Come stop by! We will be more than glad to prepare you for the big day.

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