Embrace who you are!

Written by: Simone James

At Ashley’s lingerie & Swimwear, we strive to bring out the instilled confidence from every women that walks through our doors. This starts with a proper fitting. We focus solely on encouraging our customers to believe more in body positivity. We make it our responsibility to support our customers in identifying the perfect swimwear and intimate apparel that suits them best; whatever allows them to feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Feeling good about yourself comes from within and it helps to start by finding the perfect size for you. Often times we find ourselves picking out every flaw and insecurity about us. What we’re not happy with, what we could’ve been, what makes us “look ugly."

With our endless supply of many bra and lingerie styles and swimsuits, there’s always a solution that’ll conceal or camouflage what you would rather not show. We strive to find supportive pieces that emphasize the assets you love. We get one body in this lifetime, and imagine how much more time we would have to celebrate the great things when you give up bringing yourself and your body down. You feel good when you look good, but when you dress at Ashley’s you’ll feel good by starting from within.

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